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Friday, December 13, 2013

Stiff Peaks...

This is the season for baking. If you are whipping up a meringue pie or meringue cookies for the holidays, and are new to forming those stiff peaks from egg whites, here's a tip to know when the whites are stiff enough. Run a knife through the middle of the bowl when you think your egg whites are the right consistency. If they stay separated they're ready!

I find it easier and quicker to prepare meringue when my beaters and bowl are chilled in the refrigerator for an hour or so. Glass or metal bowls work best.

Separate eggs while they are cold, but beat the egg whites when they are at room temperature. This takes about 30 minutes but you will have better success.

Also, add the sugar slowly. Sugar needs to be added tablespoon by tablespoon at the soft peak stage. This is laborious, but don’t be tempted to add the whole lot at once. Undissolved sugar attracts moisture, which can ruin your meringue. Superfine sugar dissolves more quickly.

Happy Baking!

1 comment:

Betty W said...

My Mom would make this as icing for a cake when I was little. She could not afford to go out and my cake mix or icing, so she made homemade.

Stop by again soon!